Legal and Business Advice

Legal and Business Office

The Legal and Business Consultancy aims to offer ACOBIR Agents and Members a practical means that will allow them legal guidance by qualified attorneys who are ACOBIR Agents and Members, as well as business advice by commercial advisors, who are also Agents and Members of ACOBIR, who have a social vocation and solidarity, in order to help answer queries and increase business opportunities for Agents and Members.

The Procedure and guidelines are detailed in an internal Regulation of the Legal and Business Office approved by the Board of Directors of ACOBIR which has been sent to the entire Membership.

To request a Consultation, the Agent and Member of ACOBIR must be an active Member of ACOBIR, complete the "Request for Consultation and Release of Liability" Form.

Consultation requests will be dealt with one by one, in order of arrival.

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