Data and Indicators

Data and Indicators of the Real Estate Sector of Panama

Providing information on the real estate sector in Panama aimed at national and international investors, assessing the social, economic and political environment, in addition to the evolution and price of the sale and rental of homes, type and trend of construction is part of the philosophy of ACOBIR.

Acobir has semiannual primary market reports that provide information on the behavior of the pre-sale supply under construction and inventory absorption in different ranges and sectors, offering a panorama of vertical and horizontal supply in central, eastern, western Panama and the beach area of ​​the peaceful. It also reflects the behavior of the secondary market (resale and rentals) according to the statistical reports of the MLSAcobir platform and a sample of the demand according to the behavior of our traditional Real Estate Expo, which takes place in January and the Virtual Expo.

Below we present a compendium of the main indicators of the real estate sector in Panama.