Preparatory Courses

Preparatory Courses to Opt for the Real Estate Broker License



Start a new career within the sector backed by the best

This is your chance to become a Real Estate Broker, think about a new professional career. At ACOBIR we prepare you for that big step!

Obtaining the license is a mandatory requirement in Panama for all those who wish to practice as Real Estate Brokers, Panamanians and permanent residents in Panama for more than 5 years, are eligible to obtain it. It is important that as a Broker, you know the laws and everything concerning the profession in order to be able to exercise it professionally, within the law.

ACOBIR as the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters, gives you the opportunity to prepare with the best teachers, who have extensive knowledge in the profession and who will provide you with the knowledge you need on the issues and concepts essential for the successful completion of the examination before the Technical Board of Real Estate.

NOTE: At ACOBIR we prepare you for the Real Estate license exam conducted by the Real Estate Technical Board, who are also in charge of managing the license.



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  • 1 virtual induction class
  • 1 week (5 virtual classes of 4 hours each distributed in two weeks of study, on days to be defined)
  • 1 virtual class at the end of the program.


  • 20 hours synchronous and 20 hours asynchronous

How do I obtain a Real Estate Broker License?

These are the requirements for the application for a license in the Technical Board of Real Estate in the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI), as a Natural Person.

  • General knowledge exam approved in Real Estate Brokerage. Request certification.

You can take the preparatory course for the exam at ACOBIR

  • Power of attorney and request for legal paper presented through a lawyer duly authenticated before a notary, attach a legal form.
  • Bond for the sum of ten thousand balboas (B / .10,000) in favor of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the personal identity card issued by the Cedulation Directorate.
  • Immigration status, issued by the National Immigration Service stating that the person has been a permanent resident of the Republic of Panama for more than five (5) years (foreigner only)
  • Original Police Record
  • One (1) photo in jpg format. sent to the mail:
  • Tres Balboas (B / .3.00) for the preparation of the digital card.
  • Twenty-five Balboas (B / .25.00) in stamps through the DGI ballot, code 306

To manage your license:

Contact the Technical Board of Real Estate of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries

Phones: 560-0600 or 560-0700 ext. 5736, or

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