Complaint Form

ACOBIR, after much effort and with the help of the Legal and Complaints Committee, is proud to make available to you, the Complaints Service, in order to provide our associate members, guidance efficiently in this part of the Real estate business, which is so important in the transactions that are carried out in your ordinary business turn.

ACOBIR makes this publication free of charge, addressed to any natural or legal person, agent, real estate advisor and / or associates of ACOBIR related to real estate brokerage or real estate claims.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is understood and accepted by anyone who decides to access the Complaints Service that the information provided or content through the ACOBIR website in no way intends to replace or replace the legal advice required of a lawyer is adjust to the particular situations of each negotiation.

They also accept the users and members of ACOBIR and anyone who in any way has or has access, directly or indirectly, to the ACOBIR Complaint Service, they accept from now on, to release and exonerate, expressly and totally, ACOBIR, its external, internal advisors, collaborators, directors, dignitaries, agents, representatives and employees, as well as any other natural or legal person, that could be directly or indirectly related.

Any dispute or controversy arising from, or related to this Service, as well as the interpretation, application, execution and termination thereof, will be resolved in accordance with its procedural regulations.

Suspension of Judicial or Arbitration Actions:

The parties undertake, during the processing of the Complaint, not to initiate any arbitration or judicial proceeding regarding a dispute that is the subject of the procedure in question.

In case that the final resolution of the conflict is not reached in the Mediation, the points of disagreement will be determined, recorded in the document that the parties are free to go to other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms or the judicial process.

Paragraph: Under the principle of confidentiality governing Mediation, the agreement will not include the arguments and proposals of the parties.

Paragraph: When the parties have not reached any agreement in the resolution of the controversy object of Mediation, the Legal and Complaints Committee shall draw up an act stating the absence of agreement, which concludes the Mediation procedure. This act may not be used in any other type of process.