Committes 2021


We have 12 committees where our members can participate and contribute from their experience generating greater transparency, innovation and projection in the development of our sector in accordance with the Code of Ethics and its Strategic Plan.

Appraisers Committee
Objective: Propose initiatives to optimize appraisal activity and promote the standardization of appraisals under the parameters of international standards.
Benefits and Membership Committee
Objective: Promote new memberships and coordinate the member discount benefit program.
Complaints Committee
Objective: Offer mediation in cases of conflicts between members, receive and evaluate the complaints received based on the laws of the Republic of Panama including Decree Law NO. July 6, 1999, the bylaws, code of ethics, general regulations and manual of policies and procedures of Acobir.
Education and Update Committee
Objective: To keep members updated through informative talk and seminar programs. Coordinate through EduAcobir the preparatory courses for obtaining the real estate license as well as modules at no cost or with special costs only for members.

Ethics Committee
Objective: Receive the recommendations of the complaints from the Complaints Committee. Receive complaints for lack of ethics and bad practices to present the recommendations to the board of directors and then issue resolutions.
Expo Inmobiliaria 2021 Committee
Objective: Organize the Real Estate Expo and ensure good service to exhibitors. Position the Real Estate Expo as the most important fair in the country and the region.
MLS and Statistics Committee
Objective: Optimize, promote and energize the use of MLS as an effective sales tool for real estate brokers.
Real Estate Developers Committee
Objective: Promote relationships between real estate brokers and developers. Contribute through proposals in regulations related to the construction industry.

Comité de Entidades Financieras
Objetivo: Facilitar posibles soluciones y acuerdos que cada banco podrá ofrecer para empujar el sector inmobiliario en general.
CSR and Recreational Committee
Objective: To contribute to the community through social works seeking the active participation of the members.
Innovation Committee
National and International Representations