The Exclusive Educational Platform For Members

As part of the benefits for Acobir members, we contribute to the generation of activities in different areas. In this sense, we believe that the incorporation of training and updating in the real estate sector is key, which is why we have implemented important steps in this matter through Eduacobir courses, which are structured in virtual and online mode, in a way that you can organize and advance at your own pace, guaranteeing your learning and trying to bring together the knowledge, tools and innovations to achieve your goals.

EduAcobir is an educational platform whose function is to be able to offer in a virtual way, the exam preparation courses to obtain the real estate license, preparing future brokers in different topics established by the Real Estate Technical Board. Additionally, it offers various courses in matters related to real estate activity, nurturing and keeping our membership up to date.

Below, find out everything we have to strengthen your level and professional projection.


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