1. Legal and Complaints Committee

Objective: To continue with the program of reception and analysis of complaints.

Coordinator: Guillermo Ruiz O.

Members: Luis E. Pimentel, Xenia Corno, Jacqueline Marxen, Euclides Vergara, Donaldo Lindsay, Álvaro Aguilar.

2. Education Committee and update

Objective: Offer the update platform to the membership through informative talks, seminars and the organization of the 4th. National Congress of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters.

Coordinator: Ritu Saini

Members: Raúl Vallarino, Eduardo Alemán, Fabio Riano, María Elena Maritano, Rafael Gangi, Xenia Kwai Ben, Yessenia Ortega, Marina González.

3. Real Estate Expo Committee 2019

Objective: Organization of the Real Estate Expo 2020 adapting to new market trends.

Members: Xenia Kwai Ben, Adela Spiegel, Jose Manuel Marjalizo, Santiago Fonseca, Katherine Reyes, Luigi Bemporad, Nitzia Chifundo, Evelyn Van Hoorde.


4. Benefits and Affiliations Committee

Objective: Encourage new affiliations and promote the Benefits Program

Coordinator: CE Maurice Belanger

Liaison Director: Donaldo Lindsay

Members: Alma Cris Caballero, Rita Quant, Larry Andrade, Fernando Pérez, Joel Vasquez, Kony Atencio, Xenia Kwai Ben, Lourdes Martínez, Eduardo Lasso and Luis Carlos Solis.


5. Statistics and MLS Committee

Objective: Launch of the web page, Review and implementation of the new representation agreement format. Digital campaign for lead generation and organization of the annual MLS Awards event.
Coordinator: Frank Morrice

Sub Coordinator: Mark Gadeloff

Members: Arturo Miranda, CE Maurice Belanger, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Rafael Gangi, Irma Abrahams, Jianella Torres and David Dabah


6. Appraisers Committee

Objective: To complete the plan for the elimination of "quick sale" of the appraisals. Implement pilot plan to create sales data closed by members, containing the data of the MLS indicator reports. Carry out activities to promote links between evaluation companies and the different categories of members and Explore alternatives to strengthen appraisal education.

Coordinator: Ramses de Córdoba

Members: Fernando Céspedes, Alexander Parrilla, Jorge Luis Zubieta, Raúl Vallarino, Verónica Herron, Walter Luchsinger and Tamara Tinker.


7. Promoters Committee

Objective: Analysis and suggestions of initiatives to boost the situation of the construction sector. Creation of the new project search engine at Contribute to the generation of developer data for statistics and Create broker / promoter networking strategies.

Coordinator: Francisco Cheng

Members: Marycruz Pinilla, Xenia Kwai Ben, Héctor Chang Delgado, Mónica Diez, Mónica de Etchelecu, Alfredo Monagas, Ricardo Chávez, Luis A. Mendoza.


8. Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and entertainment events

Objective: Coordinate events for the collection of funds that will be allocated to social works.
Coordinator: Euclides Vergara

Members: Adela Spiegel, Xenia Kwain Ben, Jianella Torres, Alma Cris Caballero, Mitzila Martínez, Lourdes Martínez.


9. Ethics Committee

Coordinator: Guillermo Ruiz O.

Members: Osvaldo Marchena, Eric Van Hoorde, Wilson Ruiz, Solveig Tapia, Roberto Dominguez, Osvaldo Lau


10. Beach and West Chapters Committee

Coordinator: Donaldo Lindsay

Members: Nitzia Chifundo, Roberto Díaz, Juan Bethancourth, Irving Manzanares, Carolina Santamaria Ledezma, They were Ripoll, Adele Tamburelli, Marco Domingo, Rocio Tribaldos.